GUNNAR GEHL talks about his experience getting the first call from PRETTYMUCH, his music, and so much more!


We got the opportunity to talk with up and coming artist, Gunnar Gehl about his experience and getting the first ever call from band, PRETTYMUCH, to open up for them, and so much more! Here's our conversation!

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

I think when I got my first guitar, and wouldn't put it down for hours on end at 7 years old. It's funny cause there was never a point where I was like this is what I love. I started so young that it was just apart of whatever I was.

Has wanting to be a musician always been something you dreamed of?

I always loved music and had dreams, but never imagined that it would actually be like this. I thought I was gonna go into straight business, which this still kind of is but it's my dreams coming true !

What was it like getting that call from 'Prettymuch' asking for you to open for them? Can you share your experience?

It was definitely a crazy one. Again, it was a milestone that I only had dreamed about. I knew the moment it was confirmed that I was never going to be able to turn back.

How did it feel going from a normal teenager in California, to a full-blown musician that now millions of people know your name?

I mean it was a really good feeling of achievement. I'm so so lucky I have amazing fans and people supporting me. Although, to me it doesn't change anything. I'm always the same me and all of that doesn't change who I am. It is an insane motivator to know so many people are supporting me, but it will never make me a different person.

How would you say your studio/ songwriting experience has changed from making tracks on SoundCloud to creating music that gets hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify!

It has improved so so much and I’m so happy. I finally am starting to really figure out what my sound is, and who I am as an artist, so songwriting is a giant piece of that. Thinking back is crazy cause just a year ago I honestly had dreamed I be where I am. It's a surreal feeling.

Out of all of the songs you've ever written or released, what is your favorite?

I would say my favorite song I have written is unreleased. I put the two songs out for my fans as a thank you and song for us to have for tour. The unreleased stuff we have building up is absolutely crazy. It's all part of the process!!!

Can we get any details on when we're gonna receive an EP or album? 

I think for a little while longer I'm just gonna be putting singles out ! 2019 is definitely gonna have it.

Do you have plans of going on your own solo tour?


Who your biggest musical inspiration?

From a young age I grew up listening to and watching John Mayer, and I think that's where I get my love for guitar from. It's also where I think I get my stage presence at points. John plays the same way whether there is 5 people in the crowd or 50,000. He just loves music and you can see that every time he plays live. Also, then longevity of his career is a huge one to follow.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years, we're gonna look back at this and say we reached another dream. I hope by then we are doing arena tours and have an army behind us.