Sabrina Carpenter shines at her SOLD OUT "Singular Tour" hometown show!!


Pennsylvania native, Sabrina Carpenter, made a stop on tour in her home city of Philadelphia, PA!

Fans have been waiting in line all morning in the freezing cold! The marquee is lit, the Merch is set up, the dancers are warmed up, the band is ready, the countdown on the screen has started and Sabrina Carpenter is about to take the stage and bring the world of 'Singular Act One' to life....


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At 7 pm the doors were open and in came the hundreds of fans who've come from all over to enjoy an electrifying show from Sabrina and opener Maggie Lindemann! While in line I met a mother and daughter who came all the way from Texas just to see the show! If that doesn't show the dedication of her fans I don't know what does!



A signed set list was gifted to fans with VIP packages

Filled with songs both new and old, The Singular tour set list was something so magical. The mix of songs off 'Singular Act 1', EVOlution and even a new song called 'Pushin 20', which has been released today! made for an incredible response from the crowd.


This show was like any other! You can see the passion and hard work put into every aspect of this live show. From the road crew, to the production staff and tour mangers, even the dancers, you got a sense of a true hard working crew even from the crowd. Seeing the huge truck parked outside of the venue gave you a small idea of how intense and huge this tour is for Sabrina! Each year she's playing larger venues and her live shows are growing and maturing with her beautifully.


oh my gosh... If you couldn't afford a crazy trip to Paris but can afford a $25 concert ticket, go see the Singular tour in a city near you. Each song was accompanied by a killer visual that helped transcend the song into more then just music, but made it an experience. One of my personal favorites was "Bad Time". It featured an old fashion telephone graphic and then the sound went completely dead and a dial tone was heard, gave me major Billie Eilish "party favor" vibes and I loved every moment of it! And I can assure you that everyone in that crowd had a spiritual experience during "Mona Lisa" , "Paris", & "Pushin 20" not only were the visuals incredible but the whole ambiance that was created on that small TLA stage is truly one of a kind.

Credit to Marcello Ambriz

Credit to Marcello Ambriz


This show was full of surprises... LITERALLY. The first surprise Sabrina gave the audience was singing "Mona Lisa" not once but TWICE. The song times in around two minutes and eighteen seconds, According to her she thinks the song is too short because she didn't finish writing it! So just our luck we got to hear it twice. The last surprise she gave the audience was BEYOND unexpected. During "Hold Tight" she took a two second pause and yelled "UHMEER EVERYBODY!" and he took the stage along side her to perform his rap section! The also Philadelphia born rapper UHMEER, also known as Amir Mitchell-Townes, is the featured artist on Sabrina's track "Hold Tight". Their performance together was beyond electric and it was their first time performing it together live! I don't know about you guys but I think hometown gigs make for some of the most iconic and memorable ones out of the whole tour!!! Check out Sabrina's and Uhmeer's performance here!

Credit to Marcello Ambriz

Credit to Marcello Ambriz


Sabrina is one of the most talented artists in the industry right now. Her vocals are truly unmatched.... I may be biased because I've been a fan of hers since she was on Disney but, she deserves more recognition and praise for the incredible talent she holds. This isn't her first sold out tour but I have to say it's the best. If you have the chance to go to a Sabrina show I highly suggest you do, it's one of a kind just like her!

To Sabrina.... You will always have my heart.

Credit to Marcello Ambriz

Credit to Marcello Ambriz

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