A Month of New Music - March 2019


This month has been full of some incredible new music releases, including some full length albums! It was hard to narrow it down, but here's our top albums of March 2019!

Billie Eilish "When we all fall asleep, Where do we go?" Released March 29th


Seventeen year old power house, Billie Eilish, has released her highly anticipated first album! After the success of her first body of work "Don't smile at me" the public has been obsessed with Billie and anything she puts out.This album is mature and raw, you get to see a different side of Billie and how much she has grown as not only a songwriter but a person as well. Anything Billie and her brother Finneas touch, turns to gold!Billie hasn't had a day off and is working almost everyday. This album oozes hard work and dedication!!Congratulations to Billie and her team for having one of the most pre ordered albums in HISTORY!

Kevin Garrett "Hoax" Released March 22nd, 2019


Kevin Garrett came onto the scene back in 2014, Since then he's released two EP's, toured and played with huge artists including Alessia Cara & James bay, Signed a record deal with AWAL, and even was nominated for a Grammy on his work with Beyoncé on her album Lemonade!!I've been thankful to have been a fan of Kevin's since late 2015 and we've grown a relationship with one another. My opinion may be biased because of how much I adore him BUT! Hoax is truly one of Kevin's best bodies of work.The entire thirteen track album was written by him.... In 2019 it's rare to see an album be almost entirely solely written by the artists themselves. Kevin Garrett is that exception. The whole album is beautifully produced and lyrically it tells a moving story about love and life.If you're into pop, R&B, and indie music then Kevin Garrett is for you!

Greyson Chance "Portraits" Released on March 15th, 2019


This album had me at a loss of words. This is the kind of body of work that has absolutely no skips!Seeing Greyson's chances career blossom since my childhood has always made me so happy! This album is so mature and isn't the same Greyson everyone knew growing up! He opens up so much on this album and you truly get to see him and his life through his lyrics. And not only is this album lyrically beautiful but so is the production and the visuals!!I highly recommend this album to anyone that actually loves music, cause this is just beautiful.

Dean Lewis "A place we knew" Released March 22nd, 2019


PERFECTION!!! This album is just good, I don't even have any other thoughts than just go listen for yourself...Dean Lewis is the kind of artist you want to listen to with your windows down while your driving down an empty road!! Some of the songs stray away from the usual sound we're used to from Dean, let me say this, it was a good idea. Hearing a new sound from him gets to open your eyes at how versatile he is as a musician. Being an artist that can make music that fits in their mold but also kinda strays from it is what keeps relevance in the music!!This album deserves to be on the charts forever!

Maren Morris "Girl" Released March 8th,2019


"Girl" is an album full of music that shows you what kind of artist Maren Morris has become over the last few months.The album is full of pop ballads and country love stories that make you just want to dance. After the release of the highly successful song "The middle" Maren took the pop diva status and ran with it. Over the past few years country music for everyone has begun to evolve. It's no longer just boots and trucks, it's a blend of various genres with the root of country music, storytelling.Maren's album is exactly what it sounds like, pop with the country and r&b flare! She isn't a typical mainstream pop artist and that is why her music is hitting various demographics of listeners.I love this album so much, it's truly art.

Wallows "Nothing Happens" Released on March 22nd


OH MAN!!! The wallows.... I've been a fan of this band since day one. Since the start of 2019 they're seriously blown up! It baffles me that I seen them in a room of like 50 people last year to seeing them in a few weeks with around 1,200 people!!This album is gold and this isn't even my biased opinion. Indie rock is the kind of genre that's hit or miss, some listeners may want more indie or have it be more rock. The wallows are doing it just right."Nothing Happens" is the kind of album that's so versatile it could be hard on a wide array of radio stations! Their song "scrawny" off the album has been featured on so many Spotify playlists millions of people who don't even like indie rock have probably heard it!!Please give this album a chance because it's insanely addictive.

The Japanese house "Good At falling" Released March 1st


The Japanese house are that indie band with the angelic melodies that you just want to keep listening to. In 2015 Amber Bain, who releases music under Japanese house, was very low key and just wanted to make music and stay out of the limelight. Catching the attention of 1975 frontman Matty Healy, they headed out on tour with them and ended up being signed by their label DirtyHit.This album is just simply beautiful. I don't even have words to describe it. The production is flawless and lyrically it's like you're hearing a story he brought to life. If you like good music at all then "Good At falling" is for you.

And that's a wrap of my favorite albums released this month! What albums are you looking forward to coming soon?!