Toronto Singer-Songwriter Scott Helman talks gold records, Touring, and so much more!


We recently had the chance to create a brand new segment featuring a new generation of talented up and coming musicians! This interview is featuring Canadian based singer-songwriter Scott Helman! Check out our chat below!

When you started pursuing your music career, did you ever expect you’d be in the position you are in now??

No way! When I started I was juts trying to write songs that I wanted to hear that weren’t already on the radio.  Having a chance to get up a perform in front of people was as much as I could hope for at the time.

“Bungalow” was your first single from your debut EP, what was the feeling like when you found out that one of the first songs you’ve released has close to 12 million streams?!

It’s amazing to know that something that I was a part of has connected with so many people.  It’s pretty incredible to go to some countries in the world that I’ve never been before and see people singing the song back to me.

Scott’s current Spotify stats

Scott’s current Spotify stats

What has it been like to have so many supporters?, and even some of them being fellow successful musicians!

I have found the music community on a whole to be very supportive of one another.  But, every once in a while someone says or does something that blows my mind.  Like that time at the Junos when The Weekend said that he wanted to get together or, more recently I got a lovely note from Carly Rae Jepson.  It really blew my mind.

A fan wants to know what’s your favorite part of touring?!

It’s amazing to have the chance to meet fans and connect on a personal level. We’ve spent so many years crafting a show we feel brings everyone together and to be able to do that is incredible. Also: food!

What is it like to have been presented your first gold record?!

Credit: Brandon Ferguson

Credit: Brandon Ferguson

My first gold record was for “Bungalow.” It was a total shock when they presented it to me. I had no idea what a gold record was!! The best though was recently in Toronto getting the gold record for “Hang Ups.” It was nice to be able to share that moment with the fans.

How do you think you have changed as an artist over the course of your career so far?!

It’s hard to say.  Hopefully I’m a better songwriter.  I’m definitely more confident on stage. I have more experiences and try to incorporate them in to the songs. Overall, I feel confident that with hard work and a strong connection to what matters, anything is possible.

Your music is very recognizable! Did you ever expect or what to create a sound that was very unique to you?

I’ve only written what feels right.  That it might sound unique is a bonus.  Like I said before, I try to wrote songs that I want to hear.

Credit: Farhad Omarzad

Out of all the places you’ve toured, what has been your favorite so far?

That’s so hard to answer.  Of course I love my hometown but how can you not love Paris, or London, or Barcelona?  Playing for the folks at Slab City when we shot the “Kinda Complicated” video was just as gratifying.

What’s been your all time favorite song writing experience?!

Each writing session is different and brings its own set of challenges. I enjoyed writing “21 Days” because we were having fun with a zombie dream Tawgs had one day.

Your fans are absolutely incredible! Do you have a message for them?!

I love you all.  Thanks for all of the support you give me.  It gives me strength on the days I need it and fills me with joy.

Credit: Brandon Ferguson

Credit: Brandon Ferguson

What’s next for you?!

More music. More touring. More more.

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