Up and coming artist Kyle Reynolds talks new music, a dream duet with Lennon Stella, songwriting and so much more!


We recently had the opportunity to create a brand new segment featuring a new generation of talented up and coming musicians! This interview is featuring California based singer-songwriter Kyle Reynolds! Check out our chat below!

What inspired you to want to become a musician?!

I’ve always loved music, but in high school I went through a rough patch from from about freshman to junior year. During that rough time I was always searching for things to make me feel better than I did in that moment and when I found music and songwriting it was the only that made me feel good but didn’t ruin my life haha. I started teaching myself piano on youtube and from there immediately started writing songs with little to no knowledge of music theory or how it all even really works. I just felt stuff and tried to translate it into song on piano and my voice.


Have you always wanted to become a singer?

Not really. I started singing after I learned piano and was like wowww maybe I can do this too. A voice is like any other instrument and it took a lot of practice and time before I could sing like how I do now. I’m always learning new things about my voice and what it can do too, which is fun. With all that said though, there’s definitely people that were born to sing and come out the womb like “Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, HALLELUJAH!!!!” That was not my case though haha.

Can you take us through your songwriting process??

Yeah, I can do my best haha. It’s always different depending on the day or what I’m working on. For myself I either start on piano/guitar or open up logic and start finding some inspiring sounds. Then I typically just start freestyling melodies and lyrics till I land on something that feels good and authentic. I’m typically pretty conceptual writer though so I love to start with a title and write around it. If I’m writing for a DJ or with another producer they usually send me tracks and I “topline it,” which means I write the lyrics and melody on top of the track they sent me. Then I’ll record vocals in my home studio, produce the vocal, then send the stems back over to them, then bam, the song’s done :) Most songs I write for other people are songs I just wrote for myself that end up being sung by other people, unless I’m in the room with the artist. When we’re in the room together and they’re telling me about their life I’m usually sitting across from them writing down all these little details and and descriptive keywords that we eventually turn into a song.

What’s the backstory behind your brand new single “Baptized”?!

When I was younger I made A LOT of bad decisions and while I was in a way hurting myself, I was also hurting a lot of people around me. By hurting I mean with my words, actions, and also sometimes physically. I got into a decent amount of fights but I lost most of time haha. I was always a softy deep down. Growing up Christian and pretty innocent people were pretty confused and thrown off on my actions and my life during this time. So through the growing pains of this season there we a lot of people metaphorically trying to “baptize me” and make me good again. Some people loved me really well and were very supportive, but some people were judgmental and had a hard time understanding the correct way to react. This song takes you through that time of myself from the perspective of 17 year old me. I realized one day that no one really knew this part of my story, just the outcome. I think a lot of times whether it’s a career, your life, a relationship, a business, etc., people just see the finished product. I think it’s super important to let people in on the in between of what it takes to get there. I’m by no means perfect and still have a lot to learn, but I can confidently say I’m a different person from 17 year old me. I was little scared of people judging me, but if people connect to it and feel less alone to me it’s worth the risk. Also, where you’ve been and what you’ve done is not who you are. I think Twitter and “Cancelled Culture,” struggles with that idea, but since I’ve been given so much grace in my life, I’m a huge fan giving it to others.


Who is your favorite artist right now? Do you have any musical inspirations?!

My favorite artists right now are Kat Saul, Winnetka Bowling League, Ingrid Andress, and Jon Bellion. I pull inspiration from a lot of different artists and genres so I’d they equally my favorite and inspirational.

You’ve been making music for awhile, how would you say you’ve changed as an artist over the years?!

oh gosh yesss I have been making music for a while now! You’re making me feel old haha I think I’ve mostly changed in exploring different genres of music. I started out pretty rootsy singer/songwriter style, but now I work on anything from pop, EDM, urban, or really whatever ends up in front of me. I love so many different kinds of music and my old manager Dan Wise really did a great job encouraging me to explore all those different styles I love. I’d say in the past year though I’ve definitely grown as a songwriter, producer, and vocal production. Excited to continue to learn more too!

You released your Ep “Simple Things” back in 2014, do you think you’re more an artist who gravitates towards eps, singles, or albums?

Yes, that Simple Things EP still means a lot to me. That was the first body of work I released that actually got me fans and not just my mom and dad saying “Good job Kyle!” haha. Ummm, I like the idea of an album if I had the budget and label resources to properly market and promote an album, but I think for an indie artist like me singles is the best way to go. Especially since majority of music is consumed in singles these days anyway, I think that’s the best move.


A fan wants to know if you’ll be headed out on tour anytime soon?!

I would love to go on tour and I love playing shows, but I don’t have any tour currently booked. Mostly writing and producing for myself and others in this season. Hopefully soon :)

What’s your dream collaboration?!

Julia Michaels, Drake, Jon Bellion, Blackbear, ZEDD, and a duet with Lennon Stella would be dope.

Do you find it harder to write songs for other people or yourself?

That’s a tough one. It’s probably harder for me to write songs for other people, because when I write songs for myself I just tell the truth. But when I write songs for other people I’m able to chase ideas and concepts I wouldn’t be able to do for myself which makes it really fun so it’s hard to choose which ones easier. I guess it just depends on the day and the artist.

What’s the future look like for Kyle Reynolds?!

Pretty much what I’m doing right now but a lot more of it. A ton of DJ features, more of my own records, and writing songs for other people. I have song that I’m featured on coming out on Ultra Music with friends MYRNE and YETEP this month and I’ve also been working with my good friend EBEN on a bunch new music that I can’t wait to share. Really excited for you to hear all of this new music!

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