A conversation with Jenna Raine


We had the chance to speak with on the rise pop artist Jenna Raine! We talked about Touring, her inspirations, new music, and so much more!! Check out our conversion below!

How did you get started with music?

I have always loved music!  It all started at my 3rd grade talent show when I performed for the first time!  


Credit: August Reinhardt

Have you always wanted to be a singer? 

It was always my dream.  I fantasized about writing music and singing to millions of people.  There was something about it that gave me a thrill.

Tell us about your new single “A Letter to me!

My song "A Letter To Me" is a song that I wrote dedicated to my future self.  One thing that’s important to me is making sure I don’t ever lose myself.  I want to continue to grow and become a light in this dark world.

What has it been like to have such positive responses on your music?

It’s been so inspiring knowing that people actually listen to my music and enjoy it. It makes me want to keep writing and releasing music as much as I can!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Ed Sheeran or Kari Jobe.  I have looked up to both of them my entire life!

You just got done a European tour with Max & Harvey, what was that experience like for you?

It was an absolute adventure! There is nothing like the feeling of being on that stage and performing for people who want to hear your voice. When I’m up there I feel like I belong. Being there with Max & Harvey by my side made it a hundred times better.


Credit: Owen Peters

What was your process like for creating your EP “Nen”?

The process was very thought out.  Candice and I were wanted to create a theme for the EP.  We decided to name the songs "You," "Us," "Them," "Mine," "Nen," and "A Letter To Me."  Once we had a plan, we knew exactly what the songs was supposed to be about and we began writing!  In about a week, we had it all written.  It was an amazing experience.


What has been your all time favorite fan experience? 

My favorite fan experience was definitely at the Birmingham show on the Coming Soon Tour when everyone knew my song "Us."  They began singing every single lyric.  I felt like I really connected with them.  It was really special.

Are you a fan of albums or EP’s? Would you rather Release one body of work or multiple? 

I prefer albums.  I feel like you can differentiate the music more and gives it more diversity.  I would rather release multiple bodies of work because I’m always writing in the studio and improving my art.

Your song “ A letter to me” has recently been added to radio Disney!! Is it crazy to get to hear your song on the radio?

INSANE.  It’s so crazy knowing my song is out for the world to hear on the radio.  Especially Radio Disney!  I listen to that station, so it’s surreal.


A fan wants to know if you weren’t a singer, what would you be doing right now? 

I would most likely be in public school and possibly playing on the varsity softball team with all of my friends.

Can expect a headline tour anytime soon? 

Fingers crossed ;)

What’s next for you? 

Music. Music. and more music!

Do you have a message for your fans!

You are beautiful in every way possible!  Embrace your talents!  Be the you, you were created to be <3

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