An interview with PUBLIC

Fresh of tour with the Driver Era, We recently had the chance to speak with on the rise pop band PUBLIC! Check out our conversation below!

How did you become a band?!

John: Ben and I actually grew up learning how to play guitar together back in middle school and spent a lot of our time jamming in his basement. Then, in high school, we joined the school jazz band, where we met Matt. One thing led to another, and we ended up inviting him to come jam with us, leading to the formation of the band.

Photo by Cami Liberty

Photo by Cami Liberty

What has been your favorite part of being able to share your music with the world?

Ben: One of the truly awesome things we’ve gotten to see after specifically playing shows is the friendships that kind come out of being in that setting. It’s really amazing to see fans walk away from a show having created a special and lasting bond with someone they previously knew nothing about.

You guys recently opening for the driver era on tour! What do you enjoy most about touring??

Matt: First off, I think being on the road with the TDE crew was the most fun I’ve had on a tour yet! Especially as growing artists, I think its both incredibly fun and gratifying to play in front of a group of fans that are there for the headliner and have them resonate with whatever your putting out there. Whether it’s the music, the message, or just he raw energy, to have someone come up to us after a show and say how much they enjoyed the set means a lot to us.


Your most streamed song on Spotify is “Make you mine” can you take us through the journey of that song from the inception to where it is today.

John: The roots of the song actually stem from a melody I created in a piano lesson. I spent the entirety of the class working on the lyrics and riff, which was definitely not what I was supposed to be doing haha. Anyways, a few days later, I brought the idea before the other band boys and we immediately set about constructing a body around that central theme and hook. I think it was all pretty much cemented that day.

How did you guys know that what you had was going to work? 

Ben: I think we all individually have a very confident and passionate sense about what we bring to the band. Each of us has our own taste in music and playing styles, and we’re all dedicated to making those personalities shine through in a way that doesn’t detract from the message we collectively carry.

Photo by Devin R. Glista

Photo by Devin R. Glista

If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would it be and why?

Matt: I feel like that question could be looked at in so many ways, just as an individual songwriters, as players, and as a group. If I had to say any one artist off the top of my head, it would be Nile Rodgers. Whether it be with bands such as Chic or features with Disclosure, Daft Punk, Madonna or, most recently, Dua Lipa, he’s got an incredible sense of feel and vision that’s stood the test of time, spanned over countless genres, and continues to make giant hits.

Would you say your music is inspired by any artist or era?

John: Its hard to write music and not be inspired by a little bit of everything. We pretty much live every part of our day surrounded by it. I feel like, when talking lyrics, there’s a sort of old fashioned feel. I like the wholesome romance that’s prominent in 50’s and 60’s music and think that finds it’s way into my writing a lot. 

You guys have been a band for awhile, has there ever been a time where you wanted to give up? 

Ben: There’s definitely been a lot of stressful moments since we first started out. Whether it’s from the strains that touring can put on our minds and bodies or even just being unable to finish a song, we’ve had our fair share of frustrations. But I think those types of stresses come with the job, and nothing we’ve been faced with so far has made us question our integrity or lose hope in what we’re trying to accomplish as a group.


In the era of boy bands and over produced tracks, do you guys enjoy playing your own instruments?

Matt: Playing our own instruments is very much one of the main focuses we want to portray to anyone paying attention to our band. I thoroughly enjoy watching other acts, like boy bands, do their thing without instruments, and believe there are takeaways from every kind of act out there, whether it be dancing, production, etc.  For me, personally though, there’s just such a raw sense of satisfaction being able to go onstage and just play my bass as hard as I can, and being able to bring an edgier/rockier vibe to our more pop sounding songs in a live setting is something that sets us apart from other acts.

What’s next for you guys?! 

John: We’re currently hard at work preparing the launch of our new summer single! We just finished up an important photo shoot yesterday and are delving through the shots on our way to Minneapolis as we speak. Since there’s a lot of buzz around the band right now, our goal is to continue creating new content that will keep our fans, both old and new, engaged and excited.

Lastly! Do you have a message for your fans?

PUBLIC: For all the friends we’ve made on our last couple runs, we’re really looking forward to getting back out to you, wherever you are, as soon as we can! Thank you for your continued support, we love you all...

To all those future fans of ours out there, we’re coming for yah!

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