On the rise Youtuber "Bambino Becky" talks subscribers, the UK, Vidcon and so much more!


We had the chance to speak with on the rise Uk youtuber, Becky James, also known as "Bambino Becky" for our Youtuber series! Check out of conversation below!!

What inspired you to want to become a Youtuber?!

Making videos and entertaining people is something I’ve been trying to do ever since I can remember - before YouTube was even around I remember being the weird kid that would film everything on a proper old Video Camera - when YouTube became a thing it was just somewhere I could put all these videos, wether it was me making parodies, talking rubbish into my webcam or what I thought were 11/10 music videos. They were all there! I’ll show people.. one day haha.

What was it like to hit your first 100,000 subscribers?!

I would love to say it was the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me but because it all happened SO quick I was just completely numb!! I felt like I was watching someone else's sub count but the excitement has 110% hit now, definitely my biggest achievement and I just wish I could tell my younger self that it’s gonna happen - very very grateful.


The YouTube community in America is always changing and drama happens, do you feel like the UK YouTube community is stronger and more friendly?

To me the UK Youtube community has always been such a friendly place, since moving to London where I’m in the middle of it all that has proved this completely! Everyone wants each other to do well and I’d be nowhere without most of them, so yes great bunch.

Your supporters are incredible,what has it been like to be able to meet them in person?


Don’t even set me off hahahah. They are without a doubt the most incredible bunch of humans, it’s so mental because I literally see so much of my younger self in them. I think that’s what makes it so special !! Even if they are proper daft it’s like a little family and I absolutely LOVE that. Meeting them in person is just like hanging out with people that are exactly like you. I could go on for ages but yeah to sum it up they go above and beyond for me everyday and I can never thank them enough for that!

You recently went to vidcon in London!! What was that experience like for you??

I went really not knowing what to expect - It was just as my channel had blown up so I really didn’t have a clue! I was so blown away by the amount of people who knew my odd face. That was mad. And how NICE everyone is, I can’t stress this enough!! Overall a very good event, despite being a lot smaller than when I went to the one in LA, it was just nice to have everyone together!

Who is your favorite creator?

Don’t tell them I said this but without a doubt my mates! It’s so mad to be surrounded by people that I’ve looked up to and been inspired by for so long, I find myself watching my friends content more than anyone! If I had to pick it would definitely be the likes of Elle Mills, David Dobrik, Niko Omilana and True Geordie -they are SO clever.

A fan wants to know, Do you find it hard being a female Youtuber who

makes comedic content?

Yes and no! It’s a good thing because there’s not many females doing comedy especially on Youtube and therefore it’s a bit different BUT it

is a bad thing where it sort of gets overlooked and not taken seriously - people are more interested in the fact you’re a girl rather than actually watching the video. I know you’re probably thinking Becky stop crying but genuinely it’s a real thing!! The amount of comments along the lines of “I’m not attracted to you so I can’t watch this” and “You’re really funny.. for a girl” etc blows me away hahaha.


Do you have any advice to someone who wants to pursue YouTube or other Media platforms?!

You’ll always hear the same advice saying things like “make content you enjoy” etc but what I think is SO important is to just bloody

appreciate the whole roller coaster that it is! Say yes to every opportunity and appreciate it all because when it does happen, and it will if you have the right mindset and a good work ethic, you’ll look back and think damn..I really did that. You’ve just got to enjoy it, people will see that and enjoy what you do too. Good luck x

What’s your favorite part of being from the UK?!

the uk is alright.. but UP THE WALES.

A fan wants to know, do you have any plans for meet ups or a tour in

the future?!

A tour ?! I feel like if I did a tour it would be on the streets of each city with about 5 polite people turning up because they feel sorry for me hahahaha. But the dream would be a real tour! Me and my mate ChiWithAC have recently started a joint channel “A step below


humble” and a tour really is the end goal - cross your fingers please!

What’s your goal for the next five years?

I want to be able to look back in five years and think yes I did work hard and I did all I could do - I’ve been blessed with such a mental opportunity that it would be such a shame to not give it my all, I just hope I’m proper happy!!

Lastly do you have a message for your supporters??

Not to be deep but everything I do is with that daft lot in mind, it’s hard to do things without a purpose and that’s what they are - the purpose behind this mental thing I do! If I spent a week on a video and get one comment saying “this made my day” then my jobs done. Enough of me being a wet wipe, you’re all losers x


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