A conversation with Saint Slumber

We recently got to catch up with our local favorites, Saint Slumber! We talked everything from new music, production + more!

Credit: David Nguyen

Credit: David Nguyen

Can you tell our readers more about your "Youth" EP series and the inspiration behind it?!

We've grown up obsessed with full length records and wanted to make a full concept record that would make sense in 2019. Our solution to that was making a trilogy of EPs, 5 tracks each. We released them song my song, EP by EP, over two years. The end result is 15 songs (and some extras) that all work together as one cohesive work. The best part of it is that listeners got to see us grow and evolve throughout the trilogy in real time.

The newest installed of YOUTH//3 just dropped, can you tell us what your creative process looked like for the new EP?

By the third and final installment, we spent less time experimenting and more time solidifying our sound. We took all of our favorite things from the first two EPs and ditched all the stuff that didn't work for us. So YOUTH//3 feels like what we've been shooting for all along, a mixture of synthetic atmosphere over real guitars, a contrast of huge arena choruses and intimate verses.

Do you guys enjoy producing your own records? do you feel like you have more control over its direction with self production?

There are benefits to working completely on your own and in a collaborative way. We start our records completely insulated, and that gets us in a creative headspace where we aren't compromising as much and we're able to really get what's in our heads out onto the tracks. We're starting to learn, though, that having fresh perspective during the last legs of a record are really what keep you grounded and realistic in your view of the record. Having completely subjective ears the entire time can result in a record that is very lopsided.

Do you as a group have one collective aesthetic for the band and what you use for visuals and videos?

I believe so, yeah. Some of us are a little more visually minded than others, but we really are our own ecosystem. We watch things together, become fans of similar things. We obsess over the same movies and directors. So once a decision is made for a visual component, whether it be for photos, videos, live production, etc., we're usually all on the same page.


As a band,have you ever expected to be as successful as you are today?

Every new accomplishment we've made in this band has been the biggest one any of us has experienced. We're constantly telling ourselves 'Wow, no THIS is the craziest thing that's happened to us, I don't see how we could top this..." And yet we're still surprised with each new opportunity.

You guys just opened for Judah and the lion in Philly! What was your reaction to finding out you guys would be the opening act?

The normal, cool-guy response is 'We were thrilled for the opportunity!' Which we were. But in reality I had to double and triple check with our management 'Wait, so they asked US? You're sure?

Credit: Cami Liberty

Credit: Cami Liberty

Do you have plans to release a full body of work, or do you enjoy the simplicity of EP's and singles?

The frequency and cost-effectiveness of singles and EPs are great and reliable, but LPs will always be our ultimate goal. I'd like to release a distilled, single-record version of the YOUTH// Trilogy before we move on to our new record (which will most likely be a single installment, longer-form EP. (Unless it's not.))

What's the biggest goal for you guys at this point in your career?

There's a certain economy behind each big thing that we'd like to do, so we're trying to just focus on the most obtainable next step. We've accomplished more than we ever thought we could, so that means we're moving in the right direction.

Do you guys have a message for your supporters?

The longer we do this, the more we realize we only get as far as our friends and fans get us. The only difference between us playing in a garage and playing the Met is the people who want to listen, so thank you for helping us live out our dream. We love you.

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