A conversation with The Hails about their sweet new single "Sugar"


Florida based Indie group “The Hails” just released their sweet new summer single “Sugar”. The upbeat and fun song is a true representation of their musical talents and their sound! I have to say the Hails may just be your new obsession! Check out our conversation with the Hails lead singer, Robbie, about the groups new song and more below!

Firstly, can you start off by telling our readers how you became a band?

We met at the University of Florida and just started jamming together frequently. The chemistry was apparent, so we decided to say, “Hey, let’s make this thing happen,” and we made it happen. 

Credit: Vanessa Vlandis

Credit: Vanessa Vlandis

Tell us more about your new single "Sugar" what was your inspiration?

Dylan wrote the chords and the melody and when he first played it for us, I fell in love. I thought it was our best idea to date. Dylan had a couple phrases he wanted in the song including “sparkles like a diamond,” so I wrote a narrative around that. Jackie is basically a combination of different people I’ve encountered. 

Can you take us through your typical song writing process?

 Personally, I write solely on acoustic guitar. For the band, it happens so many different ways. We never put limits on how we write a song collectively.

As a band have you ever been determined to create music for others or yourself?

It’s always both. It has to be. I’d be lying if I said we only make music for ourselves. But, we also have to like the music we release. Basically, a symbiotic relationship.

Credit: Vanessa Vlandis 

Credit: Vanessa Vlandis 

 If you could see your future, what do you hope to be doing in five years time?

August 14, 2024. 6:13 PM. I’ve just grabbed an early dinner with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade at New York’s hottest new restaurant, Ocean Motion Potion. We discussed a new business idea which involves The Hails becoming the soundtrack of LeBron’s new movie, Space Jam 3. After meeting for an hour and sharing endless appetizers, we leave the restaurant and head out to watch the New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. 

Credit: Vanessa Vlandis

Credit: Vanessa Vlandis

How does it feel to get such positive feedback on your work?

It’s always joyfully reassuring. Knowing that there’s an audience for our music is comforting, but we’re always striving to get better. We never want to settle.

And lastly, do you have a message for your supporters?

 Keep listening and keep sharing the tunes. Growing the audience will give us the opportunity to do this forever. We’re grateful for anyone that has pressed play on any of our songs. 

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Victoria Hamersky