A conversation with the remarkable Noah Kahan: Busyhead, touring + more!

We are super excited to share with our readers, our conversation with one of the most incredible singer-songwriters, Noah Kahan! Check out our chat below! + check out our socials next week for a takeover from his Philly show!

Credit: Josh Goleman

Credit: Josh Goleman

Thinking back to your college days, did you ever expect to be as successful as you are today?

My definition of success has changed greatly since my high school days, and is continuing to evolve as I navigate the waters of the music business. When I was in high school, I was so desperate to get into the music industry by any means possible, that I didn't truly consider what I would do when I got there. I was playing open mics and writing songs just because I knew that's what I had to do to move that one step further, not taking into account what I would do once I reached the finish line! Now, having a firm foot in the strange world of touring, streaming success, and commercial achievement, my only goal is to stay here. I want to continue to have the means to grow as an artist, and continue to garner the resources to stay in this world 

What was the process like for creating your debut album "Busyhead"? did you feel pressure to have to create a body a work that everyone would enjoy or did you create it for yourself?

Busyhead is a documentation of the past 5 years of my life. Writing is crucial to my life and my wellbeing, so these songs came out of a need to translate my experience into song. I was fortunate in that I found a way to write in a cohesive and fluid manner that gave each song the feeling of being a small vignette in a larger narrative. I didn't go into any session, or any period of writing with the idea of an album in my mind. I just wanted to write what I was feeling, while understanding that to create a mood or prose, the writing needs to be consistent. Constant consistency in my writing and in my story telling led to the eventual creation of my record. 


How does it feel to have your music be listened to worldwide?

It's fucking wild.

How does your first headlining tour compare to your upcoming one? can you share any details about it ;)?

My first headline tour was amazing because it gave me a taste of what it is like to have people buy tickets specifically to see you perform. The Busyhead Tour is significantly more intense because the rooms are bigger, and I am now touring on a full length record. People coming to these shows know who I am, and haven’t heard only one or two songs, or maybe are being dragged by a friend. I believe the majority of people at the shows on this tour are here because they have connected with what I do, and that makes it so much more of a special and worthwhile experience for me.

Your collab with Julia Michaels is crazy successful! who is your dream collab partner?
My dream collaboration would be with Ben Howard or Hozier, or Bon Iver. Maybe Rufus Du Sol, that would be crazy. Or Kanye.

Credit: Josh Goleman

Credit: Josh Goleman

What was it like getting to open for some of the biggest names in music??

It's always an honor, and I have learned so much from each artist I've been fortunate enough to open up for.

How would you say your music has grown since you started this journey?

I think I hold myself to a higher standard of consistency in my songwriting now. It makes the writing process a little more frustrating and challenging, but lends itself to a higher caliber of finished product.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Hopefully still relevant enough to do an interview with!

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