A month of new music: August 2019

Well I’ll start off by saying, my birth month has been filled with some of my favorite musical gifts of the year. With most of the month being attributed to leo season, these new music releases have lived up to all of my fire sign wishes. Check out my favorite albums, and our staff and reader picks below!!

Clairo “Immunity” Released August 2nd


Clairo is an incredible artist in more ways than one! Her beautiful vocals and chilling lyrics, truly make her such a remarkable musician! As a music major, i’m a stickler for production and also vocal growth. Listening to her most streamed song on Spotify “pretty girl” which came out in 2017 and then to her debut album, not only has she immensely grown into her vocal ability and range but the tracks sound so clean and polished! The whole album is a soft listen, its very light on the ears and the soul. This version of Clairo is the one I want to last forever. She’s finally found herself and the worlds fell in love with her. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Welcome your newest obsession!

Check out Clairo on tour this fall!

Check out Clairo on tour this fall!

Bazzi “Soul Searching” Released August 9th


Any of my friends or avid supporters of me or Total Access Pass, knows that Andrew Bazzi is truly my heart and soul. Watching him go from Vine to one of the biggest stars in the world is truly something I can’t fathom. Bazzi’s lyrical skills and passion for everything music related, it’s hard to say if this is his best work yet. His musical career will never die no matter how hard he tries. Cosmic launched his career to places that have been untouched by other artists, Soul searching is the album that I believe will define him and his craft for the whole world to see. Soul Searching is one of the most truthful and personal albums i’ve ever heard, through his words you can truly get a glimpse into his mind and his feelings. The emotion this body of work oozes is unlike anything ive ever heard. I’m stopping myself from writing a track by track review because the post will be like 45 pages long, so I’ll save you the hassle but with everything going on in my life right now, his words and his message of never giving up, never stopping, and never letting anyone say you can’t do something, is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Andrew knows how to heal not only himself but others through his music. I’ve thanked him countless times for cosmic because it truly changed my life, but soul searching has changed my perspective on life right now and that can’t form anymore gratitude then it already has. Please take the time to listen to the beautiful work of art. Welcome to a new era.

Tori Kelly “Inspired by true events” Released August 9th


There’s so many things I wanna say about this album but words truly can't describe my feelings. Tori Kelly is truly one of the most talented vocalists of our generation, her artistry is unmatched in every way imaginable. Being a fan since 2015 has shown me EVERY side Tori has to offer. Pop hits, Powerful gospel albums, jazz collaborations, country ballads, to a beautiful album about love. Anything Tori Kelly puts out, no matter the genre, is always beautiful and is full of meaning. Highly recommend this one!

Fletcher “you ruined New York City for me” Released August 16th


Pop PERFECTION!!!! Capitol records new comer FLETCHER is who you’re gonna wanna keep your eye this upcoming year! “You ruined New York City for me” is filled with three insane singles and two brand new songs that truly showcase what Fletcher is capable of as a songwriter. The imagery this EP created was unlike anything I’ve ever heard! I felt like I was living her experiences through her lyrics, Can you imagine someone having such a negative impact of your life that they end up ruining so many of your favorite things…. Fletcher is someone you’re gonna wanna keep on your radar and see live before she’s too famous ;)

In Real Life “She Do” Released August 23rd


Our absolute faves just released their debut album “She Do”!!! This album is so uniquely IRL, no one else has a sound like theirs. In my opinion I can categorize this album as a PERFECT blend of pop and R&B! It’s so different from their other works and has shown how much they have matured as musicians! I don’t think of IRL as a typical “boyband” anymore, they are full fledged musicians that have found their sound. This album is just the beginning of what they are capable of! With their unique sound and the flare of Spanish influence this band is going to become a force to reckon with in the music industry!! Oh and did I mention they put on an INCREDIBLE show?! check them out on their USA tour this fall!

Check out In Real Life on tour this fall!

Check out In Real Life on tour this fall!

Staff picks

Motivation- Normani

Rock Witchu- Prettymuch

Rooting for you- Alessia Cara

What am I- Why Don’t We

Baby Blue- Grayscale

F**k it i’m lonely- LAUV ft. Anne-marie

Hush Hush- Band Camino

I warned myself- Charlie Puth

People- 1975

Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi - Rosalía ft Ozuna

Reader Picks

Hot Girl Bummer- Blackbear

Lover- Taylor Swift

Real Thing- Ruel

Ginger- Brockhampton

okay okay- Alessia Cara

Shelter- FINNEAS

Boyfriend- Ariana Grande ft. Social House

Norman f***ing Rockwell- Lana Del Rey

Did we miss your fave release from the month? Let us know on socials!! Only a few days into the new month and we already have some top picks, do you? ;)

Victoria Hamersky