A month of new music: July 2019

Just Like every month we always are blessed with new music! This month has to be the first where i’m more obsessed with more singles than albums! Anyways! Check out my favorite releases and our staff picks of July below!!

Ed Sheeran “No.6 Collaborations” Released July 12th


I’m very sad to admit that this is the first time I’m not having an Ed album on repeat. While every single song on this project I can listen to over and over again, I’m not a fan of it as one cohesive body of work. Each track would’ve been a great single, and I’m obsessed with them being collabs but, I’m just not in love with the collection as a whole. The music and lyrics are insane as usual but I’m so used to a traditional “Ed Sheeran” sound, that this album strayed from a bit. I wanted more focus on Ed’s killer vocals and I feel like I didn’t get enough *sigh* I overall recommend this album to EVERYONE, just listen to mixed in with your music not as a full album!

Bryce Vine “Carnival” Released July 26th


THIS!! This is absolutely it! I can truly listen to his voice for hours it’s so soothing and raw . Carnival is exceptional in it’s form and the way it was crafted. As a music major I have a thing for good production and sometimes it can be cheeped out on and the beats can be kinda weak, but this album is top tier in it’s artistry. Can’t wait to see Bryce this weekend and shoot for him! By the time this out you guys will be blessed by our instagram takeover haha!

Sabrina Carpenter “Singular act II” Released July 19th


We already know this needs no introduction what so ever! My opinions of Sabrina Carpenter will forever remain the same. Truly one of the most underrated and incredible female vocalists I’ve ever heard. Act II is truly the perfect sequel to act I and I can exactly tell why she chose to split one body of work into two. The stories of both sides, while similar, are very different lyrically and even in the types of songs they are wanting to be perceived as. Growing up with Sabrina’s music, I never expected to get to a point where so many people are FINALLY appreciating her craft and artistry. All of her success and power in the music and entertainment industry is truly deserved! Stream singular!!


I.F.L.Y- Bazzi

Living Color- Hannah Who

Jesus in LA- Alec Benjamin

Feels- Ed Sheeran ft. Young Thug & J Hus

Lying- Prettymuch ft.Lil Tjay

Honest- The Band Camino


Check out what our readers and supporters have been loving this month!

Sofia- Clario

Ocean Away- Jake Miller

July- Noah Cyrus

Ballin Flossin- Chance the Rapper & Shawn Mendes

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