Why Don't We Kicks Off Their 8 Letters Summer Tour in Costa Mesa!


Why Don’t We are officially on their 2019 summer tour!

Last night, July 18, 2019, we got the absolutely amazing opportunity to catch Why Don’t We as they kick off their summer tour - 8 Letters Summer Tour - in Costa Mesa, CA.

Photo by Tiffany Pham

Photo by Tiffany Pham


Being very similar to the 8 Letters Tour setlist, there have been two of the most recent monthly releases added! For the full setlist as of that show day, check below!

  1. Trust Fund Baby

  2. M.I.A

  3. Choose

  4. Hard

  5. Friends

  6. In Too Deep

  7. Nobody Gotta Know

  8. I Depend On You

  9. Runner

  10. Why Don’t We Just

  11. Something Different

  12. Mashup

  13. Taking You

  14. These Girls

  15. Hooked

  16. Talk

  17. 8 Letters

  18. Cold In LA

  19. Big Plans

  20. Come To Brazil

  21. Unbelievable

  22. I Don’t Belong In This Club

Photo by Tiffany Pham

Photo by Tiffany Pham

We are so proud of how far Why Don’t We have come within the past year! We wish them the best of luck for the rest of the 8 Letters Summer Tour!

For more photos, click here.

Highly recommend seeing a Why Don’t We show at least once! Get tickets to the 8 Letters Summer Tour on whydontwemusic.com.