Why Don't We "What Am I" LA Pop Up Experience

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Forney

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Forney

In celebration of Why Don’t We’s latest single “What Am I,” Corbyn, Jack, Jonah, Zach, and Daniel set out for a short tour across the nation with a pop up merch shop experience for one day starting in Washington, DC, and ending in Los Angeles, CA.

Part of our team got to attend and check out the pop up shop in Los Angeles yesterday and wanted to share our experience and thoughts!


The Experience


Our overall thoughts on the What Am I Pop Up in LA is that it was all very well put together and it was an amazing experience - totally worth the wait in line for! Once entering the pop up, you are not allowed back in which we liked so you can spent as much time you want inside before going outside to wait for the acoustic performance later on in night.

One interactive activity that was available for everyone in the pop up, was the photo booth that was customizable to each city and date of their pop up which for LA, was 10/2/19!


Another special touch for these pop up experiences, were surf boards customized with the writing font from the “What Am I” cover art and band logo - also from the cover art - followed by each board having each member of the band not them in the same font!

The Performance


Although we were not the few lucky limelights to receive actual wristbands for the acoustic performance, a big amount of limelights in line were let in because of space availability - and we just happen to have gotten the opportunity to get in! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for some videos we got from the performance!

The set up for the acoustic performance was also very nice! Going off of the theme and vibe of the official “What Am I” music video - on the beach, around a campfire, the stage was set up just like it! With beach towels covering the stage, a fake campfire, and even a beach back drop in the background of the entire set!

Lastly, a super special surprise arrival!

via. @imzachherron on Instagram story

via. @imzachherron on Instagram story

The boys know how to arrive IN STYLE for the last stop of their pop up tour! Upon arrival, all 5 of the boys - with Jonah driving his dream car - drove by the front of the shop with limelights and their family and friends piled in to check it out all while blasting WDW music!