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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be apart of the Total Access Pass team? Well you're in luck!

Current open positions


Job Description

As a blog contributor, you job will be to create posts for the Total Access Pass website including reviews of any sort (music, movies, concerts, etc.), interviews with artists/influencers, and more!

Job Qualifications

  • Strong written communication

  • Have a love for music, movies, concerts, and anything related to the industry

  • Have access to a laptop or desktop

  • You can be from ANYWHERE in the world for this position!


Job Description

As an interview correspondent, your job will be to curate a good amount of questions to ask talent we get the chance to interview on red carpets, at events, etc. in a professional setting. Disclaimer: This specific position will be based in Los Angeles, CA. If chosen, your role will be temporary - can lead up to permanent - as a fill in for one of our TAP members until Christmas 2019.

Job Qualifications

  • Must have a love for music and the entertainment industry

  • Strong verbal communication.

  • Have the ability to speak with artists/bands/influencers in a professional manner.

  • Can provide own transportation to and from destinations.

  • Have the proper equipment to conduct interviews. (Camera, Microphone - can be voice memo app or equivalent, Tripod)


Job Description

As a photographer for Total Access Pass, you will be given the task of attending events, concerts, etc. around your area and upload all edited photos from your coverage to our website for all to see.

Job Qualifications

  • Professional camera - Digital camera is okay. DSLR camera is preferred.

  • Have a love for music, concerts, and events.

  • Can provide own transportation to and from locations.

  • Strong verbal communication between yourself and managers, publicists, directors, etc.

  • Must be able to provide a portfolio of previous work samples.



As an assistant to the CEO, you will help out with day-to-day tasks that can include (but are not limited to) sending out interview requests to talent management/publicity teams, respond and set up necessary interviews for the LA, NY, or PA area, etc.


  • Have an outgoing personality.

  • Being able to keep track of events, interviews, and overall communication with clients and team members.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Be able to put together email pitches. (You will be asked to create a mock interview/event coverage pitch during the application process.)

  • This position will be a remote position.

If you believe you fit what we are looking for, feel free to complete the application below and someone from our team will follow up with you within the next few days if you have been chosen for the position.

Please do not email us directly to check up on your application. Once you push the “submit” button, your application is GUARANTEED to have been sent and will be looked at by our team. Thank you!

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